About Us

Henan Jinma Energy Company Limited is a leading coke producer and processor of coking by-products in the coking chemical industry, and at the same time a Chinese-foreign joint venture company, or a typical mixed ownership enterprise formed in Jiyuan city, Henan province in 2003 by Jinma Energy (Hong Kong) Limited, Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited, Jiangxi PXSteel Industrial Co. Ltd. and Jiyuan Jinma Xingye Investment Co., Ltd.. The Company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2017 under the stock code 06885.HK.


Located in the Chemical Industrial Park of High-tech Zone in Huling, Jiyuan City, Henan province, with 1,400 members of staff working in the land piece of 900,000m2 and a registered capital of RMB530 million. In the industrial park, the Company operates a vertically-integrated business along its coking chemical value chain, hence forming a synergic development through highly-efficient resources utilization. The Company has five major business segments, namely coke, coking by-products, refined chemicals, energy products and trading, enabling the Company to claim stronger competitiveness in the market.


The Company has stricken projects with various collaborating parties, including 2.1million tonnes / year tamping coke project (Jinma Energy HK), 180,000 tonnes / year coal tar deep processing project (Bohai Chemical), 400 million m3 / year coke gas transmission project (Jinning Energy), 120,000 tonnes / year refined benzene hydrogenation project (Jinyuan Chemicals), 160t/h dry quenching cum deep sewage processing project, 600 million m3 / year coke gas hydrogenation project (Jinjiang Refinery), 100 million m3 / year LNG project (Jinrui Energy), 600,000 tonnes / year coking coal mine expansion project (Yilong Coal). The Company sequentially received recognitions such as Example for Emission Reduction and Innovative Technology Enterprises in Henan Province, Substantial Tax Contributor in Henan Province, Green Enterprise in Henan Province, Environmentally-friendly Enterprise Unit in Henan Province, Advanced National Steel Enterprise, Nationwide (first batch) Example Enterprise for Environmental Protection, National Labor Day Accreditation, National Green Unit for Enterprises, Transparent and Democratic Management Model Unit.


The Company will take advantage of its listing in the HKEx to progress as a highly-efficient clean chemical enterprise, through improving internal control, strengthening management innovation and upgrading industrial chain. Jinma Energy will utilize its circular economic loop of its plant, to deepen its major business segments, namely coking, chemical, energy and trading businesses, to build a highly-integrated and highly-effective clean energy services hub serving to its businesses segments and the goals set out in the 13th Five Year Plan.